LED therapy Mask

Deep Penetrating Light (DPL) Therapy enables light to penetrate deeper, enhancing the body’s response mechanism. First developed by NASA, LED works by sending energy-producing pockets of light into the deeper layers of the skin. With 150 LED lights and 7 colors to choose from, our LED Therapy Mask is a hard mask that sits over the face, offering safe, painless, effective skin-healing from the inside out.

  • Red Light: stimulates collagen and increases healing; ideal for anti-aging
  • Blue Light: kills bacteria and is calming; ideal for acne healing
  • Green Light: balances color pigment and helps with redness; ideal for rosacea, hyperpigmentation
  • Yellow Light: improves oxygen reach into the cells and improves lymph drainage; ideal for asphyxiated or congested skin
  • Purple Light: dual red and blue; ideal for adult acne
  • Clear Blue Light: enhances cell energy and metabolism; ideal for mature skin
  • White Light: improves the appearance of sagging skin, promotes tissue strength; ideal for after massage, those with loss of collagen

Member Price $49 | Guest Price $69

hyperbaric oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy delivers oxygen directly into the skin to plump and smooth the face immediately, with no downtime or redness. Think of a tiny power washer, pumping oxygen and moisturizer into the skin, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized!
Member Price $49 | Guest Price $69

growth factor hydrating sheet mask

This beautiful, hydrating mask is filled with Growth Factors, peptides, and antioxidants that are great for calming down redness and irritation as well as plumping and hydrating the skin. It soothes and locks in moisture by infusing powerful Growth Factors to re-hydrate the skin after any treatment.
Member Price $35 | Guest Price $55

image biomolecular anti-aging radiance mask

Image Skincare’s breakthrough hydrogel tecnology provides superior adhesion to your skin, allowing deep hydration to absorb into your skin. After any treatment, an Image Biomolecular Sheet Mask will leave your skin lifted and with a luminous glow!
Member Price $35 | Guest Price $55

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